rampantwonder (rampantwonder) wrote in churchmusician,

Lieder Review

The time has come for me to add a set of Schubert's lieder to my seemingly ever-expanding music library. Because I like to have finished sets of music, I'll eventually end up collecting a complete set of the songs, representing a substantial investment.

So I'm looking for advice from the musicians out there: I'm torn between buying up the Edition Peters set - which as near as I can tell is the tried-and-true edition that many musicians have been using for ages - and the new Bärenreiter set. Admittedly, the Bärenreiter edition has only produced one volume yet, with the others forthcoming as time progresses. As far as I can tell, the Bärenreiter is a much, much more nicely laid-out edition. Very easy to read; all of the engraving is crisp and clear; text and notes pop right off the page.

So, recommendations from anyone out there? Which edition will serve me best over the coming decades?

(cross-posted like whoa; sorry if you're reading this for the third time.)
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