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Anybody has any idea about the occasions when a Apostolic Mass and a BVM Mass is held? Also, when one says Mass I, Mass II, Mass III, or Gloria III, what does that mean?

Same thing applies to Magnificat...what does Magnificat VII means?
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Loaded questions....

Apostolic Mass is a Mass in honor of a Saint who was an Apostle. BVM Mass is a votive Mass in honor of the BVM, Mary.

Mass I, II, etc. are different Gregorian settings of the Mass as found in the Kyriale or the Graduale. As for the Magnificat, it refers to the tone the chant is in.

Welcome to the confusing world of Gregorian Chant. You would do well to check out the Church Music Association of America: http://www.musicasacra.com/ Many of your questions can be answered there if you look hard enough.