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Congregational singing

I am music director and accompanist at a Lutheran church. We have two services; the first is traditional in song and format, and the second is blended in song and format (more contemporary in song, traditional in format but not from the LBW).

Our second service is going pretty well. However, the traditional service is really struggling. Lately I have been getting frustrated because the congregation just refuses to sing. Even on hymns they know and like, they barely move their mouths. It is hard because we are really low on singers right now--one of my summer projects is to get more people up there in front to help lead. We don't have a choir or anything, just volunteers who show up.

But just having more people in front isn't going to make the whole congregation sing. My pastor just gave me an article that said that Americans are used to having people make music FOR us. So what are some concrete ways for me to inspire the congregation to sing for themselves and as a church?

Some ideas I have so far are having little testimonial talks once in a while in front of the church about worship and spiritual growth, or writing articles in the monthly newsletters. I would love to hear some more ideas!!
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