Tadziu (biailisha) wrote in churchmusician,

Schedule Setup Help

I have decide to put all my energy into music as a performer for the next three months before starting to edit manuscripts for publications.

I have never done this, working as a musician. I'd like to know what would be considered a normal workload for a quarter. I am disabled, so I do have a little bit of SSDI to pay my rent.

Assuming a concert is considered a solo performance that lasts for one hour..Currently I am planning to have seven concerts in two months, or ten concerts in a quarter. I wonder if this is too much, or I am too lazy.
I base this workload on my now retired teacher, who held two concerts a week in Colonial Williamsburg: one solo, the other ensemble. I am trying to put six solo, and four projects with others during a quarter. Being an organist, I also have to substitute for the regular organist of the church if needed.
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